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Young Massai Warriors

Hot Air Balloon

Experience nature from a bird's eye view. 


If ever flying in a hot air balloon was on your bucket list, now is the time to enjoy the Savannah's wildlife from up above. 


After an early morning start to enjoy one of Africa's picturesque sunrises, you will be treated to a luxurious champagne brunch

Massai Cultural Visit

A cultural excursion with the nomadic Maasai tribe,  you will learn more about their original culture and practices.

As well as witnessing many of their traditions, you will have the opportunity to participate in authentic activities including bow and arrow shooting, traditional medicine walks, jewelry making, song, dance and a goat feast!


A truly unique and insightful experience that you will certainly never forget.


For those with a more adventurous spirit, we invite you to enjoy a lazy afternoon game viewing to see this beautiful lush park from a different angle.

This is low impact leisurely 2-3 hour activity accompanied with a ranger.  Enjoy Giraffe, Elephant, Buffalo and other grazing animals from this unique perspective

Hadzabe Cultural Experience

The nomadic Hadzabe people, are living around Lake Eyasi region and the only tribe permitted to hunt in the Serengeti. They are most known for their non verbal communication, using clicks and sounds rather than words.


Men typically hunt and bring home honey to feed their families, while women and children gather fruits, berries, and roots with to supplement their diet.

With an with early morning hunting excursion, you will learn how these people have survived in the wilderness while other tribes have adapted their cultural heritage to adapt to the modern world.

Village & Nature Walks

Experience a day in the life of a local village.  Visit local schools, farms, shops  and homes and enjoy traditional cooked food for lunch. 

For nature lovers there are a variety of options including a guide walk around the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Olduvai Gorge

Globally recognized as one of the most important archeological sites made famous by world renowned  scientific researchers Louis and Mary Leakey.

Examples of at least three species of hominids have been found at Olduvai, along with two of the earliest stone tool traditions and other fossil remains which have been critical in understanding human evolution.

You can add this optional visit to your itinerary en-route to the Serengeti and 1-3 hour visits are generally recommended to the visitor center and site.

Coffee Tour, Waterfalls

Less than an hour from Moshi town you can visit some lovely remote waterfalls.  This level of activity is moderate to active and does require some level of physical fitness. 


Reward yourself with an authentic coffee tour with some of the finest blends Tanzania has to offer.

Marangu Village

For a unique and personal experience visit a nearby village home to the traditional Chagga tribe.  While they have held on to many traditions and values it's a great way to understand their current lifestyles and visit with the locals.


You can even visit the Chagga musem and learn the history and legends of these great people.

West Kilimanjaro Safari

While you aren't likely to spot many predators in this area you will enjoy plenty of game viewing of Zebra, Giraffe and other grazing animals with the majestic Kilimanjaro in the background

Village Life and Cooking Lessons

For a unique and personal experience visit a nearby village home to the traditional Chagga tribe.  While they have held on to many traditions and values it's a great way to understand their current lifestyles and visit with the locals.  


Enjoy personal cooking lessons for some of the most typical meals that you will even be able to prepare at home.

Lake Challa

Located just over an hour from Moshi this is a great get away to enjoy relaxing views and a refreshing dip in this crater lake that borders between Tanzania and Kenya.  You can also enjoy kayaking and nature hikes.

Maasai Market and Cultural Shopping

Located just minutes from Arusha town you will be immersed among the locals as they proudly display their traditional hand made goods. You will be sure to find the perfect gifts and souvenirs to help remember this trip of a lifetime.

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