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Chrystal clear water

Indian Ocean



While less crowded and commercialized than Zanzibar, there is no shortage of excursions or activities to pass the breezy days. Take a boat to Maziwi, the sandy island resting on a coral reef island, a recently designated marine reserve. Most lodges offer windsurfing, kayaking and dhow rides as well as fishing trips.

Longer excursions, such as those to Zanzibar, a bird watching cruise up the Pangani river and mangroves or experience a truly unique safari experience at Sadaani Game Reserve and visit the “swimming elephants”.

Mafia Island

Pemba Island

Mafia is primarily known for its ocean glory, the Marine Park which was created to protect its reefs.  The diving, fishing and snorkeling here are the best in the entire region, infinitely better than those to be found on Zanzibar


You'll always see something exciting, from rainbow-colored clown fish to octopus, rays and the odd gigantic grouper or large potato cod. Sharks and dolphins are found in the deeper waters, and at night turtles haul themselves onto remote beaches to nest.

If you’re seeking untouched shores, stretches of white sand and idyllic lagoons, Pemba Island is the paradise you’ve been searching for even more barefoot luxury.

Offering a completely new perspective to Africa, head here for unrivaled diving among some of the world’s best coral reefs, as well as archaic ruins and heritage sites that offer a glimpse into Tanzania’s past. Once you’ve soaked up the culture, hit the beautiful beaches for endless relaxation.

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