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Gombe Stream National Park with its steep valleys and thick forest on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Famous for the extraordinary  research Jane Goodall started on chimpanzees in the 1960’s.

The majority of mammals in this park are primates, including Red Colobus Monkeys and habituated Chimpanzees and Olive Baboons.


Leopards are at home in this forest, as are Bushbuck and Elephants.

Gombe is a hidden gem for the off the beaten track safari goer that enjoys walking safaris.

Mahale Mountains National Park borders Lake Tanganyika and is home to possibly the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa.


The park can only be reached by boat, it is a totally road free area. Walking safaris, tracking the chimpanzees, and taking time to observe their daily routine is an awe-inspiring treat. 


Splash in the mountains icy cold pools and waterfalls, paddle a kayak into the lake to watch the sunrise. A wonderful destination for a different type of safari experience.

The  Katavi National Park has two distinct seasons. Dry season from June to October , where the animals are concentrated around the seasonal rivers and lakes, which are rapidly drying. This forces the wildlife into becoming more condensed, especially the hippo population.  


The crocodiles go into hibernation inside caves excavated from the riverbank mud walls. Large herds of elephant and buffalo stay near the rivers to ensure they have enough to drink.


The grass becomes a high dusty vision of gold all across the plains, a great place for the lions, hyenas and other predators to skulk knowing their prey is at a big disadvantage.

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